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Addis, Gulen and Alwar, Aumeshree (2021) Renal nurses’ experiences of patients with severe mental health conditions receiving acute haemodialysis: A qualitative study. Journal of Renal Care. ISSN 17556678

Arya, Farid, Hyde, Trevor, Henshall, Paul, Eames, Philip, Moss, Roger, Shire, Stan and Uhomoibhi, James (2021) Fabrication analysis of flat vacuum enclosures for solar collectors sealed with Cerasolzer 217. Solar Energy, 220. pp. 635-649. ISSN 0038092X

Awli, Yawoa Foli and Addis, Gulen (2021) An Audit of British Thoracic Society Asthma Discharge Care Bundle in a Teaching Hospital. British Journal of Nursing, 30 (13). pp. 772-779. ISSN 0966-0461

Azuike, Priscilla, Anjoyeb, Mahmood and King, Liz (2021) Bereavement and children's mental health: recognising the effects of early parental loss. Nursing Children and Young People. ISSN 2046-2344

Blujdea, Viorel N. B., Sikkema, Richard, Dutca, Ioan and Nabuurs, Gert-Jan (2021) Two large-scale forest scenario modelling approaches for reporting CO 2 removal: a comparison for the Romanian forests. Carbon Balance and Management, 16 (1). pp. 1-17. ISSN 1750-0680

Blujdea, Viorel N. B., Viskari, Toni, Kulmala, Liisa, Gârbacea, George, Dutcă, Ioan, Miclăuș, Mihaela, Marin, Gheorghe and Liski, Jari (2021) Silvicultural Interventions Drive the Changes in Soil Organic Carbon in Romanian Forests According to Two Model Simulations. Forests, 12 (6). e795. ISSN 1999-4907

Brenna, Elenka, Araja, Diana and Pheby, Derek F. H. (2021) Comparative Survey of People with ME/CFS in Italy, Latvia, and the UK: A Report on Behalf of the Socioeconomics Working Group of the European ME/CFS Research Network (EUROMENE). Medicina, 57 (3). e300. ISSN 1648-9144

Cruz-Pérez, Noelia, Rodríguez-Martín, Jesica, García, Celso, Ioras, Florin, Christofides, Nicholas, Vieira, Marco, Bruccoleri, Manfredi and Santamarta, Juan C. (2021) Comparative study of the environmental footprints of marinas on European Islands. Scientific Reports, 11 (1). ISSN 2045-2322

Cullinan, John, Pheby, Derek F. H., Araja, Diana, Berkis, Uldis, Brenna, Elenka, de Korwin, Jean-Dominique, Gitto, Lara, Hughes, Dyfrig A., Hunter, Rachael M., Trepel, Dominic and Wang-Steverding, Xia (2021) Perceptions of European ME/CFS Experts Concerning Knowledge and Understanding of ME/CFS among Primary Care Physicians in Europe: A Report from the European ME/CFS Research Network (EUROMENE). Medicina, 57 (3). e208. ISSN 1010-660X

Friedman, Kenneth J., Murovska, Modra, Pheby, Derek F. H. and Zalewski, Paweł (2021) Our Evolving Understanding of ME/CFS. Medicina, 57 (3). e200. ISSN 1010-660X

Gregory, Anne, Nichols, Bill and Underwood, John M. (2021) The lived experience of UK health communication professionals during the Covid-19 pandemic. Journal of Communication Management, 25 (2). pp. 105-124. ISSN 1363-254X

Guachalla, Adrian (2021) Cultural capital and destination image: Insights from the Opera House tourist. International Journal of Tourism Cities, 1. ISSN 2056-5607

Guachalla, Adrian (2021) Plant-based diets and destination image: A holistic approach. Journal of Tourism and Cultural Change. ISSN 1476-6825

Hickey, Simona and Williams, Mary (2021) The nursing management required to provide effective end-of-life care in a care home setting: a case study. Nursing and Residential Care, 23 (2). pp. 1-7. ISSN 2052-2932

Hng, Keng Ngee, Geraghty, Keith and Pheby, Derek F H (2021) An Audit of UK Hospital Doctors' Knowledge and Experience of Myalgic Encephalomyelitis. Medicina, 57 (9). ISSN 1648-9144

Hng, Keng Ngee, Geraghty, Keith and Pheby, Derek F. H. (2021) An Audit of UK Hospital Doctors’ Knowledge and Experience of Myalgic Encephalomyelitis. Medicina, 57 (9). pp. 1-19. ISSN 1648-9144

Humberstone, Barbara (2021) Ageing, agers and outdoor re-creation: being old and active outdoors in the time of COVID: an autoethnographic tale of different worlds. ‘I’m not vulnerable?’. Annals of Leisure Research. pp. 1-16. ISSN 2159-6816

Kerr, Catherine J, Waterworth, Sally P, Brodie, David, Sandercock, Gavin R H and Ingle, Lee (2021) The associations between physical activity intensity, cardiorespiratory fitness, and non-alcoholic fatty liver disease. Journal of Gastroenterology and Hepatology. ISSN 1440-1746

Khine, Ricardo and Stewart-Lord, A. (2021) An examination of Advanced Clinical Practice: Qualitative insights from therapeutic radiography advanced and consultant practitioners based in England. Technical Innovations & Patient Support in Radiation Oncology, 17. pp. 97-101. ISSN 24056324

Kujawski, Sławomir, Bach, Anna M., Słomko, Joanna, Pheby, Derek F. H., Murovska, Modra, Newton, Julia L. and Zalewski, Paweł (2021) Changes in the Allostatic Response to Whole-Body Cryotherapy and Static-Stretching Exercises in Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Patients vs. Healthy Individuals. Journal of Clinical Medicine, 10 (13). e2795. ISSN 2077-0383

Kujawski, Sławomir, Bach, Anna M, Słomko, Joanna, Pheby, Derek F H, Murovska, Modra, Newton, Julia L and Zalewski, Paweł (2021) Changes in the Allostatic Response to Whole-Body Cryotherapy and Static-Stretching Exercises in Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Patients vs. Healthy Individuals. Journal of clinical medicine, 10 (13). ISSN 2077-0383

Kujawski, Sławomir, Słomko, Joanna, Hodges, Lynette, Pheby, Derek F. H., Murovska, Modra, Newton, Julia L. and Zalewski, Paweł (2021) Post-Exertional Malaise May Be Related to Central Blood Pressure, Sympathetic Activity and Mental Fatigue in Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Patients. Journal of Clinical Medicine, 10 (11). e2327. ISSN 2077-0383

Lee-Price, Simon (2021) Our Own. The Westchester Review, 2021 (Spring).

Madugba, Joseph U, Howell, Kerry E., Ikechukwu Nwanji, Tony, Faye, Sainey, Egbide, Ben-Caleb and Felix Eluyela, Damilola (2021) Audit Committee Quality and Financial reporting in Deposit Money Banks in Nigeria. Asian Economic and Financial Review. ISSN 2305-2147 (In Press)

Mariampillai, John (2021) Capturing the Complexity: Towards a Better Understanding of Collaborative Higher Education Provision in the UK. Advances in Social Sciences Research Journal, 8 (8). pp. 1-7. ISSN 2055-0286

Nacul, Luis, Authier, François Jérôme, Scheibenbogen, Carmen, Lorusso, Lorenzo, Helland, Ingrid Bergliot, Martin, Jose Alegre, Sirbu, Carmen Adella, Mengshoel, Anne Marit, Polo, Olli, Behrends, Uta, Nielsen, Henrik, Grabowski, Patricia, Sekulic, Slobodan, Sepulveda, Nuno, Estévez-López, Fernando, Zalewski, Pawel, Pheby, Derek F. H., Castro-Marrero, Jesus, Sakkas, Giorgos K, Capelli, Enrica, Brundsdlund, Ivan, Cullinan, John, Krumina, Angelika, Bergquist, Jonas, Murovska, Modra, Vermuelen, Ruud C. W. and Lacerda, Eliana M (2021) European Network on Myalgic Encephalomyelitis/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (EUROMENE): Expert Consensus on the Diagnosis, Service Provision, and Care of People with ME/CFS in Europe. Medicina, 57 (5). e510. ISSN 1648-9144

Nathoo, Sanj, Shaw, David G. and Sandy, Peter Thomas (2021) Determinants of compassion in providing care to older people: Educational implications. Nurse Education Today, 101. p. 104878. ISSN 02606917

Nathwani, Puja (2021) My career path shows that clinical roles are not the only worthy destination for pharmacists. The Pharmaceutical Journal, 307 (7952).

Nevin, Jonpaul and Smith, Paul (2021) The Effectiveness of a 30-Week Concurrent Strength and Endurance Training Programme in Preparation for an Ultra- Endurance Handcycling Challenge: A Case Study. International Journal of Sports Physiology and Performance. ISSN 1555-0265

Nevin, Jonpaul and Smith, Paul (2021) The Relationship Between Absolute and Relative Upper Body Strength and Handcycling Performance Capabilities. International Journal of Sports Physiology and Performance, 16 (9). pp. 1311-1318. ISSN 1555-0265

Osewe, Erick and Dutcă, Ioan (2021) The Effects of Combining the Variables in Allometric Biomass Models on Biomass Estimates over Large Forest Areas: A European Beech Case Study. Forests, 12 (10). ISSN 1999-4907

Otekunrin, Adegbola Olubukola, Eluyela, Damilola Felix, Nwanji, Tony Ikechukwu, Faye, Sainey, Howell, Kerry E. and Tolu-Bolaji, Jemima (2021) Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) and Firm’s Performance: A Study of Listed Manufacturing Firms in Nigeria. Research in World Economy, 12 (1). p. 31. ISSN 1923-3981

Pheby, Derek F H, Araja, Diana, Berkis, Uldis, Brenna, Elenka, Cullinan, John, de Korwin, Jean-Dominique, Gitto, Lara, Hughes, Dyfrig A, Hunter, Rachael M, Trepel, Dominic and Wang-Steverding, Xia (2021) The Role of Prevention in Reducing the Economic Impact of ME/CFS in Europe: A Report from the Socioeconomics Working Group of the European Network on ME/CFS (EUROMENE. Medicina (Kaunas, Lithuania), 57 (4). ISSN 1648-9144

Pheby, Derek F. H., Friedman, Kenneth J., Murovska, Modra and Zalewski, Pawel (2021) Turning a Corner in ME/CFS Research. Medicina, 57 (10). ISSN 1648-9144

Pyakurel, Parakram and Marasini, Ramesh (2021) Policy planning to achieve sustainable development goals for low-income nations. Environmental Development. ISSN 2211-4645

Ratnasingam, Jega, Ioras, Florin, Liat, Lim Choon, Ayenkaren, J, Yan Yi, Lee and Ab Latib, Hazirah (2021) Digital technology application among Malaysian value-added wood products manufacturers. BioResources, 16 (2). pp. 2876-2890. ISSN 1930-2126

Ratnasingam, Jegatheswaran, Ioras, Florin, Farrokhpayam, S., Mariapan, Manohar, Latib, Hazirah Ab and Liew, Kang Chiang (2021) Perceptions by Smallholder Farmers of Forest Plantations in Malaysia. Forests, 12 (10). ISSN 1999-4907

Ratnasingam, Jegatheswaran, Jegathesan, Natkuncaran, Ab Latib, Hazirah, Ioras, Florin, Mariapan, Manohar and Liat, Lim Choon (2021) Digital marketing during the COVID-19 pandemic: A case study of its adoption by furniture manufacturers in Malaysia. BioResources, 16 (2). pp. 3304-3317. ISSN 1930-2126

Risby, James, Guest, Sam and Warnock-Smith, David (2021) A critical analysis of Bristol Airport's employee surface access habits: Developing strategic recommendations for reducing private vehicle usage. Research in Transportation Business & Management. pp. 1-14. ISSN 2210-5395 (In Press)

Sandy, Peter T, Meyer, John T., Oduniyi, Oluwaseun S. and Mavhandu-Madzusi, Azwihangwisi H. (2021) Paramedic students’ confidence and satisfaction with clinical simulations of an emergency medical care programme in South Africa: A cross-sectional study. Health SA Gesondheid, 26. p. 1522. ISSN 1025-9848

Sims, Ceri M. and Morton, John (2021) Remembering breakfast: How do pre-schoolers represent an everyday event? Cognition. p. 104654. ISSN 1873-7838 (In Press)

Sims, Ceri M. and Thompson, Paul (2021) Pupils as leaders - It is not all about wearing a badge. Independent Schools Magazine. p. 33.

Tavener-Smith, Taryn (2021) Note-taking by nursing students: the case for implementing writing strategies to encourage best practice. British Journal of Nursing, 30 (3). pp. 172-176. ISSN 0966-0461

Tavener-Smith, Taryn (2021) Transmigration, space and time in Slade House. Interdisciplinary Journal of Mobility Studies. ISSN 2045-4821 (In Press)

Thirtle, Sarah (2021) Identity and the learning experience of non-traditional students undertaking the specialist practitioner qualification. British Journal of Community Nursing, 26 (8). pp. 378-383. ISSN 2052-2215

Trout, Ruth and Woods, Victoria (2021) Time matters: a call to prioritise brain health. British Journal of Neuroscience Nursing, 17 (1). pp. 17-20. ISSN 1747-0307

Turner, Sarah and Stenner, Karen (2021) What are the experiences of black African and African Caribbean men during the transition to fatherhood? Journal of Health Visiting, 9 (2). pp. 76-82. ISSN 2050-8719

Warnock-Smith, David and Christidis, Panayotis (2021) European Union-Latin America/Caribbean Air Transport Connectivity and Competitiveness In Different Air Policy Contexts. Journal of Transport Geography. ISSN 0966 - 6923

Warnock-Smith, David, Graham, Anne, O'Connell, John F and Efthymiou, Marina (2021) Impact of COVID-19 on air transport passenger markets: Examining evidence from the Chinese market. Journal of air transport management, 94. p. 102085. ISSN 1873-2089

Williams, Mary and Addis, Gulen (2021) Addressing patient sexuality issues in cancer and palliative care. British Journal of Nursing, 30 (10). S24-S28. ISSN 0966-0461

Worth, Piers and Smith, Matthew D. (2021) Clearing the Pathways to Self-Transcendence. Frontiers in Psychology, 12. p. 648381. ISSN 1664-1078

de Senna, Pedro, Dousos, Foivos, Ieropoulos, Fil and Pfützenreuter, Richard (2021) The Garden of Dystopian Pleasures. Studies in Theatre and Performance, 41 (3). pp. 281-304. ISSN 2040-0616

Book Section

Bandara, Indrachapa, Balakrishna, Chitra and Ioras, Florin (2021) The Need For Cyber Threat Intelligence For Distance Learning Providers And Online Learning Systems. In: INTED2021 Proceedings. 15th International Technology, Education and Development Conference, pp. 9312-9321. ISBN 978-84-09-27666-0

Chance, Helena (2021) ‘The Public Setting’ in O'Mahony, C.(ed.) A Cultural History of Furniture in the Modern Age. 1900 to the present. Bloomsbury Cultural History series. In: A Cultural History of Furniture in the Modern Age. 1900 to the present. Bloomsbury Cultural History series. Bloomsbury. ISBN 9781472577894 (In Press)

Lee-Price, Simon (2021) Dark Home. In: Night Terrors Vol. 14: Short Horror Stories Anthology. Scare Street, pp. 131-142. ISBN 9798503031560

Nicolls, Barbara (2021) On Being Successful in UK Tertiary Education: A Lifelong Learner's Perspective. In: Adults in the Academy: Voices of Lifelong Learners. Critical Issues in the Future of Learning and Teaching (20). Brill, pp. 65-73. ISBN 978-90-04-50640-4

Okeke, Obinna, Warnock-Smith, David and Hamzat, Dauda (2021) A Content Analysis of the Barriers and Challenges Associated With Third Party Logistics: A Comparison of the UK and Nigeria. In: Proceedings of the 25th International Symposium on Logistics. Centre for Concurrent Enterprise, Nottingham University Business School, pp. 254-265. ISBN 978-0-85358-343-1

Rogers, Carol (2021) Inclusion or Exclusion: UK education policy and Roma pupils. In: Social and Economic Vulnerability of Roma People - Key Factors for the Success and Continuity of Schooling. Level Springer, pp. 3-17. ISBN 978-3-030-52588-0 (In Press)

Smith, Sherrie, Greenfields, Margaret and Rochon, Rebecca (2021) Gypsies, Travellers, and Roma in UK Higher Education: A View from Inside the Academy. In: Adults in the Academy: Voices of Lifelong Learners. Critical Issues in the Future of Learning and Teaching (20). Brill, pp. 101-109. ISBN 978-90-04-50640-4


Warnock-Smith, David (2021) Assessing Inequalities In Air Transport Service Access In Europe (EEA+UK). [Report]

Conference or Workshop Item

Dahlan, Mohanad, Ali Al-Atwi, Amer, Alshaibani, Elham, Bakir, Ali and Maher, Kevin (2021) Diverse Group Effectiveness: Co-occurrence of Task and Relationship Conflict, and TFL. In: 81st Annual Meeting of the Academy of Management, 29 July - 5 August 2021, Online.

Greenfields, Margaret and Rogers, Carol (2021) Gypsy, Roma and Traveller Experiences of Hate Crime in the UK and the Psychological "Ripple Effect" on Mental Health. In: 2021 Gypsy Lore Society Conference and Annual Meeting, 8 - 10 September 2021, Prague and online. (In Press)

Guachalla, Adrian (2021) Food and Sustainable Tourism Development: Environmental, Health and Ethical Perspectives. In: 3rd Tourist Conference. Sustainable Tourism: Shaping a Better Future, 3 - 4th February 2021, Online Kasetsart University Thailand.

Kelly, Jem (2021) Performing Virtual Borders and Acts of Intersubjectivity: interrogating Station House Opera’s telematic performance At Home In London and Gaza (2018) ##conf1264 (Paper 2 of Borders, Performance and Performativity 1). In: Royal Geographical Society IBG Annual International Conference 2021, SW7 2AR, London.

Khan, H and Mallowan, Nicola (2021) An investigation into how the youth may be drawn into criminality: An ex-offenders’ perspective. In: The Division of Forensic Psychology Annual Conference, 16th June 2021, Online.

Nicolls, Barbara, Cassar, Maria, Scicluna, Corinne and Martinelli, Sharon (2021) Charting the competency-based eportfolio implementation journey. In: Seventh International Conference on Higher Education Advances, 22 - 23 June 2021, Online.

Okeke, Obinna, Warnock-Smith, David and Hamzat, Dauda (2021) A Content Analysis of the Barriers and Challenges Associated With Third Party Logistics: A Comparison of the UK and Nigeria. In: The 25th International Symposium on Logistics (ISL 2021), 12 - 13 July 2021, Online.

Stockton, Brigitte (2021) Second-hand clothing and young adults in Dalian, Northern China. In: Secondhand Cultures in Unsettled Times, 15 - 16 June 2021, Virtual Cardiff University.

Tavener-Smith, Taryn (2021) Evil transgressions and the monstrous female vampire in David Mitchell’s Slade House (2015). In: Evil Women: Women and Evil 3rd Global Inclusive Interdisciplinary Conference, 11th - 12th September 2021, Vienna Austria (Virtual Attendance). (In Press)

Tavener-Smith, Taryn (2021) Lacunas, orisons, and attics: David Mitchell’s Slade House (2015) as Gothic locus. In: PopMeC CFP. 50+ Shades of Gothic: The Gothic Across Genre and Media in US Popular Culture, 20 April 2021, Online.

Trout, Ruth (2021) Call to prioritise brain health. In: Australasian Neuroscience Nurses' Association (ANNA) & Movement Disorder Chapter (MDC) 2021 Conference, 11 - 12 November 2021, Online. (In Press)

Trout, Ruth and Chalk, Fiona (2021) Neuroplasticity. In: Sydney Neuroscience Symposium 2021, 12th February 2021, Royal North Shore Hospital Sydney Australia.

Trout, Ruth, Sitaram, Anya, Noyce, Alastair J, Gibbs, Daniel, van der Flier, Wiesje, Georges, Jean and Świeboda, Paweł (2021) Brain health: time to act. In: European Health Forum Gastein, 27 September - 1 October 2021, Online.

Warnock-Smith, David, Graham, Anne, O'Connell, John F. and Efthymiou, Marina (2021) A disaggregated analysis of airlines and airports serving the Chinese market before and since the Covid-19 pandemic. In: RGS-IBG Annual International Conference, 31 August - 3 September 2021, Online. (Submitted)


Crawley, Greer, Sandys, Kathrine and Thornett, Lucy (2021) Scenographic encounters with the museum: exhibition, heritage and experience design. Bloomsbury. (Submitted)

Fryer, Nic and Conroy, Collette (2021) Rancière and Performance. Rowman and Littlefield. ISBN 978-1-5381-4657-6


Dahlan, Mohanad (2021) Diverse Workgroup Functioning and Transformational Leadership. Doctoral thesis, Buckinghamshire New University (Awarded by Coventry University).

Kadri, Andalina (2021) Local Authority Targeted Family Support Services: The experience of a sample of women who had experienced domestic abuse. Doctoral thesis, Buckinghamshire New University.


Murphy, Alexandra (2021) Animal Afterlives. [Show/Exhibition]

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