The ʻOutdoor Industryʼ as Social and Educational Phenomena: Gender and Outdoor Adventure/Education

Humberstone, Barbara (2000) The ʻOutdoor Industryʼ as Social and Educational Phenomena: Gender and Outdoor Adventure/Education. Journal of Adventure Education and Outdoor Learning, 19 (11). pp. 21-35. ISSN 1472-9679

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This paper discusses social and cultural theory and tracts the ways in which gender has been conceptualised. It argues that the ʻoutdoor industryʼ in its various manifestations constitutes an aspect of society that can not be ignored. It suggests that outdoor adventure/education, like other dimensions of society, can usefully be subjected to critical examination. Having discussed perspectives surrounding the social construction of gender, the paper draws attention to classic work that has explored ideologies of femininity and the implication for women and men. The paper then goes on to argue that the more recent interactionist theories and cultural studies offer less deterministic and more insightful approaches to exploring peopleʼs experiences of outdoor adventure/education. The concept of hegemonic masculinity is drawn upon to examine ʻthe outdoor industryʼ in light of the current ʻcrisis of masculinityʼ. Finally, the paper raises further questions regarding outdoor adventure/education as a site of alternative femininities and masculinities and as counter-culture.

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